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Zardari Regime Corruption vs Pak Army Accomplishments

Except for sucking all the blood out of Pakistan’s veins and leaving it crippled, all the PPP regimes really did not accomplish anything during the previous and recent tenure of their leadership. It is a regime of violence and injustice. To keep the power of violence and injustice, the dictator attacked first of all the brain of the society, the intellectual, which is still happening in Pakistan with full force. Now crime and corruption is dominating Pakistan. It is the organized crime of the gangs united with the current regime. The political manipulation of ‘divide & rule” has been successfully devised by Mr. Zardari, the political monarch of PPP, for his personal gains by controlling the destiny of 180 million people of Pakistan. His scheme of political abuse has surely brought enormous prosperity, but only in his own family, not the masses. Since the method of his governance was based on his self-interest, the impact of his ruthlessness has reached its maximum and has started to reflect on every segment of lives of Pakistanis. After power and gas sector collapse now country’s transportation sector is crumbling. First Railways was paralyzed and now PIA is in shambles. In three years, crony after crony was appointed in important positions with the mandate to loot and plunder as a result all state enterprises are collapsing. The government is still having second thoughts on implementation of PMLN 10 point agenda whereas every passing day is inflicting irreparable damage to the economy. On the other hand, despite of the blame games of PPP against Pak Army in spite of defaming that highly-disciplined and prestigious unit, Pakistan Army extended its full support to manage relief and rehabilitate IDPs to their respective areas in FATA.
According to ISPR, on the instructions of Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) to support the displaced brethren, the Army has collected non-food items of day to day use including furniture, beddings, shoes, clothing, kitchen items/utensils, toiletries/cosmetics etc. for distribution. Various training and educational institutes have been build there for the prosperity and education of youth, who is getting tremendous benefits from Army’s efforts.
While fully acknowledging the whole-hearted support of the people of FATA to the Army in Law Enforcing Operations, Pak Army is and will be determined for well being of people of the area despite of Government’s dreading ignorance towards these areas.

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