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WikiLeaks: An effort to divert war crimes?

Afshain Afzal

Official reaction from Pakistan Army on WikiLeaks reveals that Army never planned a coup against PPP-led coalition government. Another statement at this juncture by Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General major General Athar Abbas rejected a perception that the Army is planning to pull out a division size force from Swat and deploy it in North Waziristan. One wonders if the recent statement issued by Director General ISPR and the military operation in North Waziristan has any connection with the WikiLeaks or it was a response to blackmail or something else.

There is no doubt in the fact that Pakistan Army under the present Chief of Amy Staff has always demonstrated policy of supporting the political process within confines of the constitution. It has been propagated in Wikileaks that General Kayani has told US Ambassador in March 2009 that he might however reluctantly pressure Asif Zardari to resign and leave the country and that he might support Asfandyar Wali Khan, leader of National Awami Party (ANP) as new president. According to another cable sent to Washington by US Ambassador Anne W. Patterson, Genaral Kayani made it clear that regardless of how much he disliked Mr Zardari, he despised Mr Nawaz even more. The point to realize is that instead of feeling suspicious about command in Army on the basis of propaganda, one need to focus that who has given right to other countries to discuss internal affairs of a country with Army personnel who are basically non-political or suppose to be neutral. Isn’t its clear violation of United Nations charter and require penalizing by International Court of Justice (ICJ)?

My other article has highlighted the plot to isolate Iran through series of recent WikiLeaks that need not to repeat again. Focusing on Pakistan, the enemies and adversaries are much perturbed over the improvement of civil-military relations in Pakistan due to pro-active steps of General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani. The WikiLeaks have quoted statements of general Kayani in isolation to create difference with the political leadership in the country. It is true that in difficult time no one is sure how to tackle the western blackmail and repeated threats. The leadership in Pakistan wants not to take any step or annoy anyone to put the country in an embarrassing situation. An average Pakistan realizes that the statements being quote and actions taken are not being projected in true context and in most cases are mere propaganda, if not dictations from the west.

It is time that the political leadership in our country should understand that it is trap to disintegrate the institutional harmony in Pakistan. It is not the time to fall in the trap and abuse each other or issue censures but it is the time to distinguish between friends and foes. Those who cannot protect their top secret and other classified documents are going to provide security to the world and pointing fingers on the other countries’ nuclear safety. One wonders how we can say that there are no leaks of the nuclear secrets of these countries whose classified documents are being viewed on the computer screen of almost every unauthorized interested individual.The leak of diplomatic cables from various US’ embassies and consulates are mostly based on information relied on speculations and overt means extracted through publications, broadcasts and open interviews. Had this not been the case and WikiLeaks contained value intelligence, the US forces would not have faced humiliating defeats in the past and present. One would like to ask the world to match the diplomatic cables with the situation before the US illegal occupation of Afghanistan and on ground situation today. Where are Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and the nuclear threat which US based intelligence agencies had been confirming in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries? Can Washington justify the killings of thousands of innocent men, women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia etc.

We have statements of US presidents, high officials, commanders from Pentagon and similar offices of the other countries in which beside other issues they justified the attacks on these countries. Would these so called civilized nations be able to justify any of their objectives met other than massacres, war crimes and human right violations. One wonders why any journalist failed to identify mass graves in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. If Libya can be prosecuted, sanctioned and forced to pay compensation for attack by its non-state actors in which a US aircraft was shot down killing all passengers, why US and other countries which participated the crime against humanity should be treated as sacred cows? In fact, WikiLeaks are aimed to burry US and its allies war crimes and their anti democratic activities. Ironically, official notices have been issued to the originators of WikiLeaks. If we start prosecuting such leaks, one wonders all of the print and electronic media centres around the world are quite often guilty of committing such crimes.

The recent so called leak of the diplomatic cables are the part of leaks that were intentionally withheld and were not released with WikiLeaks that appeared in public many months back. The question arises; is WikiLeaks any real issue? The fact cannot be denied that nobody has ever given any importance to the political statements issued by various leaders every day. These keep on changing with the situation and are mostly misquoted and subjected to selected omission which changes even context of the statement. Then, what is so special this time? The real issue is that US and allies are about to withdraw its bulk of combatants from Afghanistan and other zones and replace them with additional reconstruction and missionaries personnel. In fact, the stories of war crimes and other shameful activities on the face of humanity have been countered by the WikiLeaks to engage the countries in internal and regional controversies. One must praise the timings, each time the WikiLeaks are used to blackmail and pressurize nations to de-track them from the path of stability and development. Of course, the malicious propaganda is basically aimed at destabilizing the region and creating internal rifts leading to law and order situation, uncertainty and chaos.


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