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Why did NATO select night of 26 November for attack over Pakistani Posts?

Salala Check Post!

If we look into the near past, not more time has passed,
just few weeks ago, Hilary was laughing on being termed as mother-in-law on her
visit to Islamabad in order to decrease the tension between the both countries.
Her previous behavior devoid of emotions was not visible anywhere. Because on
13 of September, 2011, Taliban entered into the stronghold of Americans
in the Kabul i.e. American embassy (still this has not been disclosed that Taliban
went their just to fire bullets in the air or they were busy in fighting with
walls for nineteen hours, how many Americans were killed by them this is still
a secret), this act of Taliban was not only shameful for Obama govt. but
Pentagon as well. Under the pressure of this act retiring General of American Army
blamed Pakistan for this act in front of defense committee of Congress, and had
tried to prove that Pakistan is harboring terrorists and conducting attacks on
allied forces in Afghanistan via Haqqani Network.

Funeral Prayers of Martyrs of Salala Check Post…

                This is
another fact that White house did not support Mullen’s statement and US Foreign
Ministry was forced to issue the statement that US govt. rejects accuses of
Mullen over ISI and Pakistan army. However in order to pressurize Pakistan statements
blaming Pakistan were issued more rigorously. The main focus was that Pak-Army should
start operation against Saraaj-u-Din  Haqqani and his network hiding in North
Waziristan. The main purpose of this propaganda was to befool US public that
the reason behind US failure and deaths in Afghanistan is neither their ineligible
Generals and commanders (who are sucking the blood out of US public in the form
of taxes) nor their illegal and immoral hold of Afghanistan resulting in
resistance from Afghans but Pakistan and terrorists from Pakistan.

was also forced to use media in spite of diplomatic channels to tackle this
situation. When the world was told that Uncle Sam itself is in contact with
Haqqani network and holding talks with them. Moreover there is not network of
Haqqani in North Waziristan but in Afghanistan controlling more than seven
provinces, while in four of these provinces Americans and allies have to take permission
from Haqqani before moving in their vehicles for safe return. After such
disclosures by Pakistan, Americans were forced to confess in front of
journalists that they have contacts with Haqqani because further denial might
have resulted in worst situation. Moreover Pakistan has also created tension
for USA by saying NO MORE as a reaction to Mullen’s statement.

Capt. Usman (on the left) martyred in the NATO terrorist attack over Salala Check Post

visited Islamabad to decrease this tension but Deputy Commander of NATO General
Krits started blaming Pakistan and issued statement, “terrorists attack American
and allied forces with the support of Pakistan army and when terrorists are
attacking allied forces Pakistani soldiers on the border stay silent this shows
they are supporting terrorists attacks”. Here this should be kept in mind that
General Krits also belongs to US army, than is there any lack of communication
between US govt. and its Generals deployed in Afghanistan or all this is being
done just to befool the international community? Because on the midnight of
Friday-Saturday the posts of Pakistan army named as Salala, Waali Chalo and
Boulder attacked by NATO like thieves, are those check posts which were mentioned
in General Krits statement. Than is this not surprising that just five hours
before the attack ISAF Commander John Allen met General Kiyani?

                Now lets
come towards NATO attack, whole world is surprised because no apparent reason
is visible behind this terrorist attack. But the harsh reaction of Pakistan and
cutting NATO supply via Pakistan has made White House restless, while on the
other hand a new misleading statement has been issued that allied forces were
busy in operation against terrorists in front of these post, the soldiers on
these posts fired rounds over allied forces and as a reaction the commander of
allied forces requested for air support and thus NATO air force targeted Pakistani
posts. In this way state terrorists of more than two dozen countries, enemies
of Pakistan in the form of Northern Alliance and master minds of this terrorist
act has tried to give a new color to this attack, but unbiased defense analysts
of the whole world are not ready to accept this crafted version of state
terrorism as true. Because on the other hand Afghan President or Afghan Foreign
Ministry has not issued any statement in support of NATO allegations and second
UNO has not allowed NATO to conduct any operations or attacks outside Afghanistan.

Protest against Afghan war in USA!

has already clarified that this areas is clear of all terrorists and secondly
these posts were built to stop terrorists entering into Pakistan in the form of
hundreds from Afghanistan to attack Pakistani forces. So has NATO attacked
these posts to clear the hurdles in the way of these terrorists attacking Pakistan?
What is the link between NATO and terrorism in Pakistan? Moreover the peace
talks with Taliban and decrease in suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan may be also
a reason if NATO attacks. However here we will have to look that who was
benefiting from poor situation of peace in Pakistan and what were the hidden
purposes behind these attacks? If we look at NATO we cannot find a single
country member of NATO who may benefit for this. The NATO officials should have
also known that if their supply via Pakistan is halted than their stability in Afghanistan
will be difficult. Because on the night of 30 September when NATO helicopters
had attacked Pakistani check post and martyred 3 Pakistani soldiers and after
one day later when tribal elders who were gathered for peace talks were
martyred in the bombardment, so as a reaction NATO supply was temporarily
halted, so this brought minds of NATO on ground and ISAF and NATO both requested
forgiveness in written form. But the continuous of these terrorist acts by NATO
and attack on 26 November is very heinous. Some defense analysts are of the
view that this is a message from US forces, other claim it as American response
to forced resignation of Hussein Haqqani, Pakistani ambassador to USA. In the
same way the reaction of UAE on the order of closure of Shamsi airbase is also
very strange, because govt. has been telling the nation that this airbase is in
use of brother Islamic country UAE, but seems the reality was different than
this. Because how is this possible that NATO attacks Pakistan and as a reaction
UAE is ordered to close airbase? Not only this UAE has requested Pakistan to be
patient and wait till results of NATO investigations are available. This request
was rejected by Pakistan.

Shamsi Air base; USA has been ordered to evacuate it within 15 days.

there is another aspect which needs attention, after alleged attack of NATO
people are raising questions about the capability of Pakistan army, that why
did not the soldiers on watch at the time of attack retaliate? If like this
enemy airforce can enter any part of country through any part of border and
targets any important installations than will the soldiers be killed like
unarmed men? In the present situation when Pakistani nation is much angry and
pessimist, the army is also enraged. As a result Pakistani nation has started
demanding that the relations with the USA should be amended and moreover Pakistan
should get out of so-called war on terror and the war should be limited to militants
who are attacking Pakistan, who are supported by USA, Israel and India covertly.
Otherwise no matter how much well organized a militant group it is impossible
for them to stand in front of Pakistan security forces without financial and
military aid. Pakistan should not be sacrificed for interests of USA any more.

whatever has happened we may take it as a chance provided by nature to get rid
of America, who has enslaved Pakistan in the name of aid. The most painful
aspect of friendship with USA is that after Pakistan joined so-called American war
on terror Pakistan is the only country which has to bear the most of the loss. More
than 30000 innocent citizens became target of suicide and terrorist attacks. Their
only was that their rulers have decided to join USA in its so-called war on
terror or state terrorism. In this way including General to soldier Pakistani nation
has sacrificed more than 6000 personnel of security forces. After such great
sacrifices Pakistan army did not lose courage, after complete movement of
citizens to safe places, clearing Swar and Malakand and than rehabilitation of
locals is such a great achievement of Pak-Army that one can hardly find and

                The war
capabilities of Pak-army and their sacrifices are also acknowledged by defense
analysts. But the criticism of US critics, Congress members, candidate for
Presidentship are not only painful but disgusting, they are always blaming Pakistan
that it has done nothing against terrorism in spite of US aid which we never
received. Here is an example of such criticism or propagandas:

The Pakistani state (Punjabi Army/ISI) has a
tenuous control over the FATA/KP region beyond 50-60 miles west of the Indus.
Their writ does not run there.
 Baluchistan is truly the wild West.
Sparsely populated desert with little in terms of infrastructure.

There is absolutely no reason for the US to invade Pakistan proper (i.e. Punjab
and Sindh).
What we need to do is to:

Take the battle across the Durand Line. Read them the riot act and ask them to
either withdraw their forces. After all the writ of the Pakistani state hardly
runs there, so you are not going to be changing anything dramatically except
for sending the Punjabis back home. (US conspiracy; what they did in Iraq, and Libya
where they could not dare to attack properly before their terrorists had done
the job).

NATO supply containers over the border after supply to NATO has been halted

The above quoted criticism is based upon the same rhetoric
of Akhand Bharat which was propagated with the independence of Pakistan in
1947. On the basis of this theory India with the support of West is busy in conspiracies
and terrorism in Baluchistan. However this also shows that American govt. is thinking
of attacking Pakistan. The proof is the edition of Asia Times, published on 1
October in Hong Kong, it reports that Pakistan may be the next target of the
USA. Because has now nothing left to spend against terrorists. Al-Qaeda is a
part of past, now Americans has created a new Ghost, i.e. Haqqani network. ISI
is being blamed for support of them. So in this situation what should Pakistan do?
We divide this in three parts:

  1. After aggressive attacks
    of NATO all the relations with USA should be reconsidered and a clear policy
    should be established. In the beginning the court martial of NATO pilots
    should be demanded who attacked Pakistani posts. Moreover the commander of
    ISAF who requested the air support, the commander of ISAF air base who
    provided these pilots with location and maps of Pakistani post and gave
    them clearance for flight should be also court martial. This demand should
    be forwarded from Pakistan Parliament and USA should be made clear that Pakistani
    nation is not ready to accept anything less than that. As the result of
    court martial this will be also cleared that whether this attack was a
    conspiracy at local level or the higher officials of ISAF also part of
    this. This will be cleared that whether any role of India or Northern
    alliance was involved in this aggression or not?
  2. In spite of accepting
    superiority of India just for US interests and creating troubles for other
    small countries of the country, the talks should be initiated with India to
    resolve disputes. After all disputes with India are resolved than India should
    be given access to Middle East. Because this is no more a secret that USA
    wants to transfer its corporate sector in India where there is abundance of
    cheap labor  and also in order to
    control energy crises and destroying US economy.
  3. 26 November has passed and
    that with silence? Is not this strange that after 2008 first time India has
    remained silent on 26 November, no statement has been issued about Mumbai attacks,
    even Indian media did not publish any memorial news report. This is against
    the habit of India, than was the attack of NATO on the night of 26
    November a mere coincidence or something else? This should be also
    investigated. Maybe RAW is behind this attack.

Moreover the elements who are trying to make nation afraid
of American weaponry thy should look towards Iran. Looking at the Israeli propaganda
it seemed as Israeli air force will target Irani nuclear installments any time,
but strong reaction of Irani leadership has forced many American think tanks to
reconsider their aggressive plans and advise US govt. that it should control
its illegitimate child Israel. Because if Israel did so , Iran has also warned that
any aggressive act from Israel will be retaliated by launch of more than
150,000 missiles at the same time from different parts of Iran vanishing Israel
from the map and targeting American installations in the area. The first rule
of victory is too stand in front of enemy…

Written By Khalid Baig,

Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,

Date: 3 December, 2011.

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