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Which Items to take with You On ISSB – Sibtain Afzaal

One of the big problems faced by the aspirants who are about to go to ISSB is they get confused as which items should they take with them and which would be needed the most. How many dresses and pairs of shoes they should take along with them on this important journey.

Here is a check list of items which you should have.

1.A traveling Bag .The ones which are sporty, like the ones which are taken on hiking, having straps to carry it easily.
2.3 Dresses.
◦One Formal (i would recommend a brand new dress including tie) for interview.
◦One a bit normal for your psychologist tests (Day 2 and Day 3)
◦One shalwar Kameez, or trousers (casual wear) as night dress.
◦and the forth one which you will be wearing when you arrive at ISSB.
3.One pair of slippers (remember you cannot go to mess in slippers).
4.One pair of black shoes (for psychology tests, interview,etc)
5.One pair of white PT shoes for Tasks (I am advising you to get PT shoes not Joggers. PT shoes have rubber which gives a good grip on planks and ropes.Joggers slip)
6.One white and one towel handkerchief. medium size towel.
8.3 Ballpoints (atleast)
9.your documents
11.Shaving Kit (Remember shave on the day you are going for ISSB, then shave on the 2nd Psychologist day, on the evening of that day you will have your interview).
12.A small lock with 3 keys (for your cupboard where you can put your bag and dresses)
13.Shoe brush and polish (I would advise you to take a shoe shiner with you. it costs Rs 50 but gives your shoes a new look n shine,)
14.Hair brush
15.Toothpaste and Tooth Brush
16.And last but not the least….Money.Here is the breakup of money you should take with you.
◦1 Rs 1000 Note.

◦2 Rs 500 Notes.

◦5 Rs 500 notes.

◦5 Rs 50 Notes ,

◦20 Rs 10 Notes.
17.You should place the 1000 Rs note in a safe pocket of your bag or some less obvious place. Put 1 Rs 500 note in another save pocket. Ill advise in shaving kit or what ever suits you. rest should be with you….Ill telll you later where this money should be spent.But REMEMBER all money should not be at one place
These are the necessary items which you MUST take with you. There are canteen at all ISSB centres from where you can buy some of the items but why take chance.

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