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What is the rank of indian army in the world?

Indian army is no doubt really a very powerful army. It is ranked no 4 internationally. It has much equipment and manpower so it is ranked higher. Anyway, due to its historical background it is no ranked as higher because they have been beaten by Pakistan and is compared with Pakistan. Pakistan Army is thought to be better due to many reasons. Following are some of reasons.

1. Indian missile system is defective as compared to Pakistan according to Indian own media.
2. India has low quality tanks as compared to Pakistan
3. Indian nuclear tech is not as much as powerful as of Pakistan. Anyway, Indian nuclear bombs are also considered a bit defective.
4. India has been beaten by Pakistan when India has about eight times larger army than Pakistan.
5. India is not much powerful as compared to Pakistan as it was before.
Due to many other facts Indian Army is not considered so good as much as it is ranked.

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