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What is burning in our country?

Afshain Afzal

The situations in Khyber PK and Balochistan provinces are far away from satisfactory. We must try to find some solution as how long we should allow such horrifying activities to continue. The irresponsible coverage by some of the electronic and print media persons really create doubts on their loyalty with Pakistan.

One gets shocked to read daily newspapers with all blame game on Pakistan Army and Intelligence agencies.

One would like to ask worthy critics do you think that it is the duty of our Army and Intelligence agencies to implement the law. Try to make your self wise; who are the implementers in our country and who stops them from performing their duties. Is it Pakistan Army, Para Military Force, Intelligence agencies or someone else? When we say that these institutions are responsible for the present state in Khyber PK province and Balochistan provinces as well as Karachi, parliament can always recommendation Pakistan Army, Para Military Force and Intelligence agencies to pack up from these places and handover the charge to the one our elected body deems fit. But the nation would like to know who will be those lucky ones who would shoulder this responsibility; civilians, bureaucrats, police, judiciary or some fifth power?

 In the past, attempts were made to make this independent country hostage of foreign NGOs, which is continuing. The foreign intelligence agencies, mingled in NGOs and other International Organizations, utilized media services to create unrest in the country by exploiting marginalized sections of the society.

International War on Terror was projected as Pakistan’s war and misleading information reports and media coverage created gulf between nation’s prestigious institutions and some sections of masses.

The period witnessed some of the most tragic incidents in which millions of Pakistani men women and children were killed as a result of US and allies operations and killing of great patriotic leader of the country, Nawab Akbar Khan Bughti .

This finally led to challenging the weak writ of the government and pro-active involvement of Army and Intelligence agencies during which some successful operations were carried out but interest groups also took advantage of the opportunity to settle scores, old rivalries, likings and disliking, putting the blame of institutions.

 The recent most tragic incident, in which Baloch great lady, Mrs Zamur Domki, who was real sister of Brahamdagh Bugti, grand daughter of Nawab Akbar Bugti and wife of Balochistan MPA Mir Bakhtiar Domki alongwith her daughter and driver were killed should not go unchecked. It is quite depressing that without any probe some irresponsible Police officials were misinforming that the incident could be a case of target killing based on personal enmity.

 The Supreme Court of Pakistan gave Sindh police time till 24 February 2012, to arrest killers. A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) headed by IG CID comprises senior police officers, officials of Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has been formed to investigate into the murder. What will be the result, “Nishtan, Khurdan, Barkhastan.” Why don’t we admit that we cannot solve this murder instead of doubting own people. It is good for another eye wash to talk about family enmity and claim that sacred relations want to cash the incident but one wonders if tomorrow our love ones are killed in a similar manner how about applying the same theories.

Here we must appreciate the statement Mir Bakhtiar Domki, in which he said, “They used to kill the men of our family, now they have started killing our women as well. We have been sacrificing for our country and will continue doing so.

” What else proof the nation require from the Bugti families and Baloch to show their loyalty with Pakistan. People of Balochistan and Khyber PK are pride of our country and Baloch warriors like Bugtis are crown on our heads.

We must look for alternatives and unless all stakeholders, including groups like BLA, are not taken into confidence this blame game will continue and would only and only provide opportunities to our enemies and groups in neighbourhood to increase their adverse activities. Authorities must also review the list of banned outfits, in which names of six Baloch organizations are also given, so that all the people of Pakistan take part in mainstream nation building to strengthen their country.

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