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What happens if I become sick or get injured in ISSB?

Free medical facilities are provided to candidates at ISSB. We try our best to ensure that you do not fall sick or get injured during your stay/tests.
* In case of severe injury or illness you will be taken to Combined Military Hospital for the treatment. You may also get admitted depending upon severity of the injury or illness.
* If you have missed complete tests due to illness or injury, you will be considered as “Withdrawn” and your chance for ISSB tests will not be counted.
* If you have appeared in the ISSB tests but have missed a portion of GTO’s tests or interview then it is likely that you are considered as “Not Fully Boarded”. In this case also, your chance for ISSB will not be counted. The condition of “not to appear at ISSB within 120 days” will not apply to you if you are declared ‘Not Fully Boarded’. Therefore you can appear as soon as you are well and fit.

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