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US missile strike kills five in S Waziristan

WANA: Five persons were killed in a US drone attack that targeted a suspected compound of militants hours after a grand jirga of Ahmedzai Wazirs demanded an end to the campaign against the local and foreign militants on Tuesday.

“We like an immediate end to the drone strikes which have made our children and women psychologically ill,” tribal elder, Malik Ajmal, told the jirga attended by a senior government official and military commanders. Around two dozen elders applauded Ajmal when he made the request. The drone strike, which was the second since February 20, targeted a house in Landidog, 20km west of Wana. “The house of Fazal Karim was the target and eyewitnesses say one person was killed as others were out at the time of the attack,” a tribal source told Daily Times.

However, officials put the number of persons killed in the attack at five. “We have had an exemplary peace in the areas inhabited by Ahmedzai Wazirs for which all the tribes, the political administration and army strived together. But I want to request the government through the media that it should make efforts to stop these drone strikes,” Ajmal said in the shadows of Wana Assistant Political Agent, Muhammad Shoaib and military commanders.

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