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Tips to prepare yourself for I.S.S.B tests by Shaid Khan

At ISSB, they are looking for alert, motivated candidates who have the potential to complete the long. Arduous and expensive training which faces all newly commissioned officers in the service. The selection board is looking for many things, such as clear thinking, the ability of remain calm under stress and strain, team skills and willingness to participate. We don’t want you to be dull or spiritless. Be honest, straight forward and frank. Don’t display over confidence, false projection or superficial behavior. Certain private institutes and coaching centers established in the country train the candidates for passing ISSB tests. You are advised not to join these for training and guidance. The training imparted in these centers is too restricted and brings in rigidity in thought process. It mars the original personality of the candidates who are caught in dilemma when confronted with a new situation.


You can tell a lot from a person’s appearance. Show us you have got a sense of personal pride.


Self confidence and maturity are largely the product of experience. You can strengthen these qualities by participating in group activities, taking on responsibility and exercising independence.


We look for people with good expression, may it be Urdu or English, clear direction, a good vocabulary and sense of grammar. Try to develop these by joining in debates and group discussions.

Academic ability

Good academic results mean you will be good at absorbing the training of advanced and sophisticated equipment. Make you English and mathematics sound.


If you have got the above qualities you will have a greater potential for leadership training. Try and seek out positions of responsibilities in academic, youth, social or sporting activities.


Take adequate physical exercise in the run-up before you report at ISSB.


You should be convincing and sincere in your reasons for wanting to join Armed Forces. Make sure you really know for what and why you are applying.


We are looking for people with an awareness of the world around them, and an interest in military matters. Discuss current affairs and Defence issues with your parents, teachers and friends and keep yourself up to date with a good newspaper.


We hope these points will have given you some idea of what to expect and that it proves useful to you. You are advised not to consult any coaching centre for guidance. It will not only adversely affect your original performance but is also likely to mar your personality pattern. We wish you all the success at ISSB. May Allah the almighty help and guide you in your future life.

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