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Nation should be informed about the conspiracy behind 1965 War…

This is 5th of September, before
sunset three jeeps entered into Pakistan via Wahga. Few American

diplomats were riding in them, they were planned to attend a gathering
in American Center Lahore on the night of 5th September. All these three
jeeps stopped at Wahga Road near Manawaan Police Station. The luggage
from 3rd jeep was transferred into other two jeeps , the passengers of
jeeps duting this were gossiping with Pakistanis standing on the road to
welcome the guests. After this two jeeps from India departed towards
Lahore while the 3rd one returned back to India.

At 9 O’clock in the Amartasar cantonment the commanders of three
divisions were busy in a meeting, there faces were shining due to
happiness. The latest report from the Pakistani side of border was in
front of them, there was no sign of movement of Pakistani forces,
meaning the court was clear for them to play. The above mentioned secret
report was forwarded to General Chauhdary in New Delhi, as soon as the
report was received an emergency meeting was called in Camp Office of
Indian Prime Minister Shastri, the mysterious activities were already
going on here. Everyone’s face was showing signs of tensions as they
were waiting for some report anxiously.
Indian Tanks Captured by Pakistani Forces
As soon as General Chauhdary arrived the doors of the conference room
were closed, the persons waiting outside were silent in spite of having a
crowd present there. No one was ready to look into each others eyes,
suddenly the door of the conference room opened, General Chauhdary,
Secretary Defense Chawan and Defense Minister Gulzari Laal Nanda came
out together. Gulzari Laal told the staff present outside happily that
Prime Minister has signed the orders to attack Pakistan at once, now by
the grace of Bhagwan/God the problem of Pakistan will be buried for ever
along with Kashmir.
The Secretary of Information Ministry met the Shastri along with the
prepared notes for headlines of tomorrow’s newspapers and script for the
special bulletin of radio Aakashwaani. There was only one news report,
“Indian army has captured Lahore without any big war/fight, on few
places the continued resistance by Pakistani forces is being reported
which will be crushed soon. General Chauhdary has left a message in the
name of nation that on the evening of 6th September he will drink in the
name of victory in Lahore Gymkhana Club and will inform the nation
about the future of Pakistan as decided by Prime Minister.”
The Jeep of Indian Major General Parasad; he left it and ran away during a retaliation attack by Pakistani forces
It was not dawn yet, the cold air was forecasting the changing weather,
this was the last quarter of the night between 5 and 6 September. The
infantry troops of Indian army were forwarding towards Pakistani border
singing songs and happily followed by APC’s and Tanks. Nothing was
audible in this noise of armored vehicles. The peace and trust over the
faces of advancing Indian troops was telling some other story, otherwise
there is no such an example of the army advancing in such a non
professional way towards the enemy. Even in the time of swords and
arrows the powerful armies did not attack the weak countries in such
manners under the cover of night, these armies used to move under the
sounds of drums and this was the sign of bravery of the army but there
was nothing like that in our case. Than what were the reasons behind the
confidence of Indian army? Were they informed through trustworthy
resources that there will be no Pakistani forces to resist them? In
order to get the answers to all such questions a big commission should
be formed, after complete investigations nation should be informed about
the actual situation and conspiracy. People demanding investigations in
Kargil war, or disclosure of reports over the fall of Dhaka, why they
do not demand the investigative commission over 1965 war? Who is the big
traitor of Pakistan behind this conspiracy who could not allow an open
According to the orders given to Indian army by High Command they had to
capture the BRB canal before the sunrise, than they had to move towards
Lahore through Mehmood Booti root and capture Badaami Bagh, afterwards
troops had to move forward north and capture Ravi bridge. The central
part of the attacking Indian troops had to capture Pakistani troops
lying within their quarters. The core of General Harbakhash Singh
including 3 division and 2 brigades of Armored Personnel Carriers was
given responsibility for this fast victory. After fall of Lahore the
second big attack was planned over Sialkot. Moreover Sambrial,
Gujranwala and Wazirabad were to be captured as well. Why New Delhi was
so much confident about its plan, obviously there were some reasons
behind this, some conspiracies with the help of Pakistani traitors were
going on.
General Ayub Khan visiting Chumb
This is true that due to the war with China in 1962 America and
followers had provided heaps of weapons to India, soviet union was also
providing India with lethal weapons due to its disputes with China.
Neither Indian army had shortage of manpower nor of weapons, while
Indian army officers were trained from British Military Academy, most of
them had participated in the 2nd world war, they were aware that what
is war and how it is fought. But here the case was different, Indian
army was not going to fight a war but to make a history of very
disgusting conspiracy. The links of this conspiracy were spread from
head of Foreign Ministry of Pakistan to Washington, however the soldiers
of Pakistan army drew a line with their blood and made it impossible
for Indians to cross this line.
Here I would like to mention a little about 1962 China-India war and
cunningness of Hindu forces, this will be helpful in understanding the
1965 war. Because Indian children are being thought this mutilated
history that China showed aggressiveness and captures Indian areas, but
according to historical facts, in 1951 America signed a defense treaty
with Pakistan and in 1958 at the time of its renewal India started
propaganda that Pakistan will utilize the weapons given by USA against
India. On this USA assured India that this will not happen and if this
happened USA will take practical measures against Pakistan. The reason
behind Indian propaganda was that India had planned to cut of China from
areas neighboring to Kashmir and India was afraid that during
India-China war Pakistan may attack India
On 12 October 1962 Jawahar Laal Nehru told Indian parliament that he has
ordered his army to, “push back Chinese forces out of disputed areas”.
The newspaper from New York, Herald Tribune published this as a formal
announcement of war on 15 October while British newspaper published this
as a warning of Nehru to China. As soon as Indian forces attacked
China, US and British cargo planes got busy in piling weapons into India
or in other words an aerial bridge of weapon supplies was established.
On this few members of US Congress protested against this and criticized
that India has attacked China so USA is not bound to provide support to
India. On this American Joint Chief of Staff General Maxwell in a
secret meeting confirmed that India has attacked China but it is
necessary to backup India for safety of USA. On this question that India
will not use these weapons against Pakistan General replied that India
has assured not to do so. The details of this meeting are present in New
York Times published on 19 April 1963.
Till 20 November 1962 India had lost at least 15000 square miles of its
area, in this way in the east of Bhutan whole of the North East Frontier
Agency (NEFA) was captured by Chinese forces, not only this Sikkim was
also to fall out of Indian hands. However on 21 November Chinese had
taught enough lesson to Indians and announced censure of war. But USA
and Britain continued supply of weapons to India. Through this support
India increased its number of 11 regular divisions to 22 till 1964.
America and Britain also signed a deal to train 6 mountain divisions of
Indian army. All this was being done under the cover of increasing
Indian military power against China.
Lets come back towards today’s topic, Indian army forwarding towards
Pakistani border was dead assured that no Pakistani forces will be
present in the area to resist. According to the drivers of American
jeeps (one of them was identified as commandant of Indian infantry unit
while other two were also officers of Indian army) had reported that
their were no signs of Pakistani army over the border. While the
Pakistani foreign ministry was repeatedly telling the govt. that we had
to show the world that Pakistan and Pakistani forces are peaceful and
away from borders even in such intense situation. In contrast to this
Pakistani army keeping in view the movements of Indian army across the
border had deployed few units in civil trucks with light weapons on the
border. As soon as Indian soldiers entered into Pakistani territory they
were welcomed by Pakistani bullets. They were not ready for such
attack, they thought they had been trapped and lost their nerves. In the
first attack uncountable Hindu soldiers were killed while a big number
of them laid their weapons, the driver of American jeeps was also one of
them (how many good deeds of Americans we can deny, they had done so
much to show their friendship towards Pakistan). After this Indians
attacked a full attack with the help of the APC’s and tanks but
Pakistani soldiers had built such a strong defense line with their blood
that in spite of repeated attacks and modern American weapons India had
to lick the dust.
After this India decided to use its air force and on 7th of September
proud of Pakistan, M.M. Aalam downed 5 Indian hunter plains just in one
flight with the help of his fighter jet F-86 over Lahore. Uncountable
Lahori people witnessed this scene by standing over their rooftops. This
destroyed the morale of Indian air force to such extent that they did
not dare to look towards Lahore again. However Pakistan air force
dropped personnel from special services group on Indian airports Pathan
Kot, Adampur, and Halwara, they without caring for their life destroyed
ready to flight Indian fighter jets. In spite of capturing Lahore as
planning and conspiracy of India, she had to loose 1617 square miles of
its area. Hundreds of Indian soldiers were made Prisoners of War.
In this 17 day long Pak-India war, India had to face severe
international criticism. This was not something usual, India had to
second go to world powers for cease of war after China taught it a
lesson. Pakistan made India to lick the dust in spite of getting afraid
of its ten times bigger army. But alas! The defenders of Pakistan
defeated the conspiracy to disintegrate Pakistan in 1965 by giving up
their lives, but at least in 1971 the traitors succeeded. If we had
conducted fair trials of the traitors of 1965 war of unveiled the
culprits of this conspiracy the tragedy of 1971 could have been stopped.
Now the situation in Pakistan would have been much different. We accept
at that time the disgusting game against Pakistan was hidden and there
was no free media to unveil the traitors. But the shameful fact is that
same internal traitors are busy in conspiracies, like the past USA is
busy in conspiracies against Pakistan in the disguise of friend and the
traitors present within us are agents of US. In order to tackle these
conspiracies and defeat these traitors it is necessary to unveil the
conspiracy behind 1965 war…
Written By Khalid Baig,
Published in Daily Nawa-i-Waqt,
Date: 10 September, 2011.

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