Surgical Strike 2 of India, Neutral Analysis

On 14 of Feb, 2019 a convoy of Indian security personnel was attacked by a vehicle-borne suicide bomber, killing at least 40 Central Reserve Police Force personnel and attacker. Pakistan based terror group Jaish-e-Muhammad claimed the responsibility of the attack. Around 300kg of explosives was estimated to be used in the bombing.

Some Indian officials blamed Pakistan Army for the attacks, but Pakistan was not provided with any investigation material or evidence. Later on Imran khan, PM of Pakistan completely denied any involvement and offer co investigation on the matter.

On Feb 2016, 12 Indian Mirage 2000 fighter jets crossed LOC and dropped bombs into Balakot. Later on Indian sources claimed that it attacked Jaish-e-Muhammad camp and caused a large number of causalities. Pakistan Army on the other hand denied all the claims and assured no causalities but damage of a few trees. Some Indian media sources quoted number of causalities to be 300, but no material evidence was noted.

Did Indian fighter jets killed any terrorists during Surgical Strike 2?

Although Pakistan confirmed violation of LOC by IAF but completely denied any killings. Indian officials on the other hand confirmed killing of a large number of terrorists but no official figure was published.

No evidence was provided by India to confirm authenticity of her claims. No coordinates or photos were published by IAF to prove killing of Jaish-e-Muhammad terrorists.

Pakistan on the other hand shown a few pictures, claiming no report of causalities but destruction of a few trees and injury of an old man.

Claims by Neutral Sources

A signboard was surely present in the Balakot area, mentioning Masood Azhar which was later on removed.

A picture of signboard showing details of Mudarsa Taleem ul Quran

When a large number of locals were interviewed, no evidence was found to prove any deaths in result of the strike by IAF jets.

Satellite data analysis by Australian Strategic Policy Institute concluded that no evidence could be found regarding Indian claims. They further confirmed that satellite images verifies no extensive damage in the area.

A through investigation was conducted by Al Jazeera TV, where Balakot was examined by a team of reporters. They conducted numerous interviews and examined the area during their investigation. They were not able to find any evidence of deaths in result of Air Strikes by India.

Associated Press was another agency to conduct the investigation but their results were no different than results provided by Al Jazeera. They confirmed no evidence of any deaths in result of attacks by IAF.

No evidence of dead bodies of the terrorists was reported by the locals. They called it impossible to hide so many killings from the locals.

We will keep adding content to this article as more sources start investigating the authenticity of the surgical strikes by IAF.

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