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Sukhmani; a movie that exposes the Indian army completely‎

A Punjabi language Indian movie, name Sukhmani, has hit the cinemas across the world. The basic theme of the movie revolves around exposing the how deep links do the Indian Army Officers have established with the terrorists across the world and that how low can the Indian Army officers go in lust of money. In the movies the writer and producers, who apparently belong to the Sikh community, very daringly expose that the otherwise “soormas” of Indian army, who unleashed the hell on the Sikhs of India in 1984 are actually having a majority of traitors who could go to any extent in harming their own country in simple lust and greed of money. In the movie, the movie maker exposes that how much respect the Indian army officers do have for their military uniform as through out the movie, the Indian Army officers and constabulary is shown dancing and singing while wearing the uniforms, without showing any respect or honour to the Khaki. The movie also discloses that even while going to certain operations, the Indian army soldiers, without showing any discipline and respect to their seniors, keep singing and dancing. The movie, after the interval exposes that how deep links do the Indian army officers enjoy with terrorists and militants and how they get money from them and pass on top secrets of their country and institution to the terrorists. The movie further reveals that how the terrorists’ buddy Indian army officers succeed in befooling the top military leadership in framing an innocent fellow officer in terror charges.
The movie also reflects that how weak nerves do the otherwise “daring” Indian army officer have as when a terrorists say that he succeed in proving charges of terrorism against the daring soorma, that soorma straight away looses his nerves and goes crazy. The movie further reflects the actual lack of the chain of command in the Indian army that persists there for past many years, when in the movie, an Indian Army Major orders one of his junior officers, a Captain not to harm a Muslim woman, the Captain straightaway disobeys the orders of the senior officer and instead starts fighting with the Senior officer, just like what happened between the out going Indian Army Chief General Deepak Kapoor and the incumbent Indian Army Chief General VK Singh, though it never happened physically. The movie further shows the lack of wisdom amongst the Indian Army leadership as at a few occasions a Brigadier had to follow the decision of a Captain and a Major and at another occasion, the Brigade Commander realizes the mistake he had made only when a very junior personnel, from amongst the constabulary makes him realize the same. Exposing the abilities and capabilities of Indian Army in combating terrorism and militancy, the movie crystal clearly shows that the Indian Army continued to search for a terrorists declared officers of its own for days and days while the very same officer was himself looking for the army help and was not hiding from the army but the whole brigade of the special anti terrorist force of the Indian Army failed to track him down, what if he had actually been a terrorists and making all efforts to hide himself from the Indian Army’s soormas? This film is released worldwide including India and has been released with the certification of Indian Film Censor Board, proving that the Indian Film censor Board which is a body of the government of India, admits that there was nothing objectionable or to be censored in the movie as it was reflecting only the facts about the state of affairs in the Indian Army.
The Daily Mail believes that the makers of the film and the writer and all those who are behind the making of this film have done a highly commendable job and must be saluted for exposing the true face of the Indian Army. The Daily Mail also believes that the government of Pakistan must allow free of cost screening of the film SUKHMANI across Pakistan. The Daily Mail suggests to the Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaque Pervez Kiyani to arrange the screening of this movie at every unit and every formation of the Pakistan Army so that the Pakistan Army’s soldiers could enjoy it and can also see the actual state of affairs in the Indian Army. The Daily Mail also suggests that the Government of Pakistan should make efforts to promote this movie across the world to let the world see that it is the Indian Army that is always partnered with the terrorists and promotes terrorism in the lust of money.

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