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Sub Nationalists Propaganda against Mass Graves

A faint voice echoed
from the Baloch men, women and children of Panjgur, Makran, Khuzdar and Kallat
divisions. A couple of weeks ago, armed members of the Baloch Students’
Organization Azad (BSO(A) kidnapped Chakar Khan Baloch – a 10-year old student
member of its own faction of BSO(A) – and dumped his mutilated body in a plain
of Panjgur some days later after killing him brutally.
As per their design the
propaganda wing of BSO(A) started hue and cry in various national and domestic
print media blatantly putting the blame of this gruesome act on the Frontier
Corps (FC) and law enforcement agencies (LEAs) in addition to a similar uproar
in the social media. Unfortunately, as usual the local and national print and
electronic media gave their views in an undue coverage. Having become norm of
the day to put blame of almost every second incident related to ‘kill and dump’
on LEAs, the perpetrators of this incident this time also used their influence
on the media and thereby secured considerable space.
Obviously the prime
objective of such incidents is to tarnish the image of LEAs and FC in the eyes
of general public, which have been playing their role to maintain law and order
in the far flung areas of Balochistan. But discerning the sensitivity of the
situation, the Inspector General of the Frontier Corps has categorically denied
involvement of FC personnel in such inhumane act of terror. Rather in a media
briefing the IGFC unveiled the truth behind the scene.
Having come to know the
truth, the immediate reaction was exhibited by the relatives of martyred Cahkar
Baloch along with the families of the other Baloch who have fallen victim into
the hands of dissident terrorists during the past years. The victims’ families
not only staged demonstration but also rallied in Punjgur bazar in addition to
the blockade of Quetta-Karachi national highway at Khuzdar. The three-hour
demonstration and rally by hundreds of people including women and children
could not attract the attention of print and electronic media at par with
coverage rendered to the undue views of separatists.
Above all, what makes
the demonstration and rally significant is the breaking of silence by the
relatives and families of the victims of terrorism at the hands of so-called
separatists. “They do not fear the terrorists any more”, said Rabia Baloch –
Chairperson of Baloch Movement for Human Rights – while talking to this scribe,
she expressed satisfaction over the mobilization of the families of victims of
She further said that
her organization maintains record of every incident of killing of laborers,
barbers, hawkers, government employees and general public, who have been killed
by terrorists of defunct organizations such as BLA, BRA, BLF and
Lashkar-e-Balochistan, under the pretext of informer or usurper, along with
their claims made in local newspapers.
She also expressed
commitment to spread awareness amongst the general Baloch masses in order not
to become a tool in the hands of the so-called angry Baloch leaders enjoying
luxurious lives in Europe. By exploitation of laymen, they further the
nefarious designs of foreign vested interests.
Having observed the fear
of general public awareness and continued rising anti terrorists sentiments,
the organizers of so-called angry Baloch parties like BLA, BRA, and BLF have
already had a planned counter-propaganda scheme in their minds. Therefore,
through a very systematic and countering the Baloch Protests in Turbat,
unfortunate event of graves of 4/5 dumped bodies of missing persons at Tutak
area of Khuzdar has been unearthed. “The terrorist organizations kidnapped
around 20 workers of our party”, said Mir Shafiq ur Rehman Mengal – chairman of
Haq Na Tawar – a political party gaining more strength in Khuzdar, otherwise
known constituency for Sardar Akhtar Mengal’s BNP(M). He further said that
there is a fear among the families of our missing workers regarding their lives
and security. “I wonder how the government keeps emphasizing by calling them
angry Baloch leaders whose hands are red with the blood of hundreds of innocent
people.” He expressed surprisingly. This does not mean that our party does not
believe on democratic means of conflict resolution but the families of victims
of terrorism should also be taken into confidence. The court has given verdict
to pay compensation to the families of victims but has fallen on deaf ear.
The Government of
Balochistan province has presented its views on Tutak incident through its home
and tribal affairs minister Mir Sarfraz Bugti who while talking to the press
declared that the true figure of bodies are four or five, whereas the
anti-Pakistan lobbies propagate irrationally by exaggerating the number of
recovered bodies in order to bring a bad name to Pakistan both on national and
international front. He said that India’s premier intelligence agency RAW has
been behind the incident. Having increased influence in Afghanistan, India is
more interested in funding Baloch dissident groups to carry out miscreant
activities, sabotage national installations, killing innocent people in
Balochistan. Bombing Shalimar Express train in Karachi which resulted in
killings and injured several innocent citizens, claim made by Baloch Republican
Army – a killing machine being controlled by Barahamdagh Bugti from Switzerland
– terming it to be a reaction to the Tutak incident.
This has been the
characteristics of the so-called separatist groups to kill innocent citizens.
They see no bonds and can go to extreme extents to further their vested
interests at the behest of their foreign masters. Having expressed commitment
to unearth the reality of mass grave at Tutak, the Quetta government has
established a judicial committee, headed by a sitting judge of Balochistan High
Court, to inquire into the incident impartially and bring to fore facts. The
home minister reiterated that a committee would soon be formed comprising
Baloch elders and leaders of political parties with a view to engage in
dialogue with rebels but with those who would be willing to accept and respect
the Constitution of Pakistan and its federation.
What is alarming is the
role of some biased local media. In the competition to break news first in
their respective news channels they cross the generally accepted code of
conduct with regard to country’s image.

They must accept and share
the responsibility to maintain high the values and greatness of country as much
as other responsible government departments do. They also have to shed the
generally held perception about them to be more loyal than the king by airing
news which may otherwise bring adverse effects on the image of motherland in
domestic and international political arena.

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