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Say No To Valentine’s Day- What Islam Says?

Background/ History of Valentine’s Day
One of the authentic suggestion about Valentine refers him as a priest. This priest served Rome during the third century. At that time, Emperor Claudius II was ruling over Rome who once ordered his kingdom to join army but the responae from the men of his kingdom was very bleak due to their deep concern and propensity towards their family and loved ones. The Emperor, in the wake of repercussion, decided that unmarried soldiers are better than the married ones. Thus he outlawed marriage for young soldiers. Valentine realized this injustice and performed marriages in secret for the young lovers. But as Claudius came to know this, Valentine was put to death. So people now celebrate Valentine’s Day in memory of that priest.
What Islam Says About Valentine’s Day
According to Islamic teachings, Celebrating Valentine’s Day is strictly prohibited and strenuously decried. But we people celebrate it like an event tandem to our Eid . Today our markets represents a mammoth on the fake occasion of  Valentine’ Day. Young boys and girls use this day to pave ways for new friendships  which is totally unIslamic, leading our youth towards a stalemate. Our Islamic teachings are disguised in modernization that is the aggravating the situation of Islamic countries. Today we need to mull, This is not the way MUSLIMS were. If we dig out the history of Muslims, It was glorious. But due to our own mistakes we tormented the teachings of our religion and became intertwined with the evil. This contemporary world is superficial and divine is Allah. Please do not celebrate this event as it is the foremost duty of us. SAY NO TO VALENTINE’S DAY. PLEASE SHARE.

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