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A request to the whole people of Pakistan.

Salam to all Pakistanis. I am a Pakistani from the province of Punjab. I am very sorry about some Pakistanis who want Pakistan to be divided. It’s because you would have watched a video on youtube etc. I want to clear that not a single true Pakistani hate another Pakistani because he is Pashtun,Punjabi etc. Now a days youtube videos make us to believe so, but infact it is not. I want to warn all Pakistanis that there is a great propaganda behind it. Much of youtube videos are fake and part of a propaganda to torn Pakistan into pieces. Please avoid them and think about it with your mind. Go out and search about it from all sources. Please be Pakistani and think to make it better. It is your country. Please be Pakistani. I am publishing this message because I have seen much fake videos against Pakistan today. I hope you got what I just said and beware of Pakistan’s enemies.

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