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Release of Raymond Davis, big shame for Pakistan.

Raymond Davis is released after payment of blood money

A few days earlier Raymond Davis a citizen of America killed two Pakistanis on road. First of all he blamed he killed both of them in self defense but later it was clear, he did not killed them in self defence but for some other reason. In a few time some photos of army were found in Davis’s camera. Later ISI announced Raymond Davis is a CIA agent. It was also declared he is operational commander of CIA in Pakistan. It was confirmed by officials of Pakistan. Now it was not the case of only killing of two people. It was a case of spy and talibans. But now Raymond Davis is released in open environment. He is released in result of payment of blood money. It is also not confirmed whether the family of two Pakistani citizens ( Killed by Davis) were forced or not. Let suppose they were not forced to take blood money. What about spy case. ISI announced he is CIA agent. What about that. Please comment here and tell us what you think? 

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