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Psychology in I.S.S.B – Sibtain Afzaal


A very important question was asked by someone regarding a very important question of ISSB. This question is asked in different formats but the answer which they are looking for is related to your personality…

Questions are:

•Write 3 good and bad qualities of yourself?
•Write 3 good qualities of your friend or what do you like about your friend? (actually they are your qualities)
•Write 3 bad qualities of your friend or what is it that you dont like in your friend?
•Which are the three qualities of yours that your friends like? (your good qualities)
•Which are the three qualities of yours that your enemies like? ( your weaknesses)
What is the purpose of these questions?

The first purpose is to see if you know about your own self or not, its a SWOT analysis of your self (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). If a person knows about him/her self he can handle any situation and has a better judgment power.

The second purpose of these questions like almost all of the questions at ISSB is to see if you are telling the truth or lies.

Since this is a PET question in ISSB its better to prepare it first. Like always, here again ill tell you to think about your self and try to come up with your answers. Because if you write your real weaknesses(bad habits) and good traits then you would be able to answer exactly the same else where if asked.

Here is what you have to think before answering these important questions…

•Dont Lie 100% . 20 or 30% is allowed 🙂 (write your good things which are in you and bad which are)
•Note if you are writing a bad habit it shouldnt be that bad which would make a negative impact on selectors e.g. “I lie, I cheat” etc.
•Dont try to be too positive which would clearly show you are lieing, e.g. “i am very honest, i never lie” etc. (everyone lies its human nature)
•If you are very creative try to portray you negatives in a way as if they appear to be positive…e.g. “Sometimes in order to keep up with my study schedule i cut my time which i plan to spend with my family” (This is an example….DO NOT COPY….)

Here are some of the examples of good habits.

•I try my level best to be punctual.
•I try to be social.
•I respect elders as for me respect of elders is very important
And for bad habits…

•I am not regular in prayes (if offcourse you are not, if you are, you should write in good habits).
•I take alot of tea. (Similar can be made, but such should be written at the end)
•I am a miser ( meaning Kanjoos)
I hope you have got the idea.

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