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People of Chitral appreciate Pakistan Army for opening Lawari tunnel road

Chitral –
Services of 101 Engineering Battalion of Pakistan Army was highly
appreciated by social and political cicle of Chitral according to Ground Report.
Lawari top is the only land route connecting Chitral to other parts of
the country which was remaining close for all type of vehicular traffic
for weeks during winter season after snowfall.
But after handing over maintenance of road and construction of Lawari
tunnel to Frontier Works Organization (FWO) and 101 Engineering
Battalion of Pakistan Army it remain open day and night for all type of

Cops of 101 Engineering under auspices of Lt Col Usman commanding
Officer working day and night and remove snow and glaciers (slides )
from main road. As well as their bulldozer pushing loaded trucks and
pulling small vehicles when ever they strain in slippery snow bound
As well as snow cutter machine is also busy in removing snow from road
and play vital role in restoring traffic on Lawari tunnel road. People
of Chitral are very much pleased and thankful to 101 Engineering
Battalion of Pak Army for open lawari tunnel road for all type of
vehicular traffic day and night.

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