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People express ‘anger’ through SMS, Facebook

ISLAMABAD – What to talk about the incumbent democratically elected government whose shrewd and talkative representatives went into dormant state after the US operation in the heart of the garrison town of Abbottabad on May 2, however, the textual matter of abundance of text messages circulating on cellular networks across the country indicates sinking public trust in the armed forces.
Pakistanis, either living in county or abroad, are expressing their strong resentment over the performance of Pakistan Army and specifically its radar system, by using cellular networks and other social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.
Then there are some other types of messages consisting of funny statements quoting last words of Osama Bin Laden. A country that thrives on rumour and gossip, the messages all shared a common theme: radars for sale and last words of Osama Bin Laden. Messages read, “ Radar For Sale, Model No. 438, Pakistan Army made, can’t detect USA helicopters but can receive Star Plus (an Indian entertainment TV channel), only for Rs999. Please contact General Ashfaq Kayani.”
A similar textual matter reads, “ Pak Army’s latest air surveillance radar for sale, though it cant detect enemy’s choppers or aircrafts but it is good to get Star TV, Discovery and other TV channels.”
Then those who are taking it as fun, attribute the words from Osama Bin Laden. A such text reads, “American CIA has claimed that the last words of OBL were ‘Aik he nahra, souba Hazara, souba Hazara.” A demand of the residents of the area where Bin Laden lived and later killed by US forces.

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