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A parrot killed for a prediction in India. Bal Thakre involved in killing.

A parrot was killed by Indians for three times constant predicting, Pakistan will win world cup 2011.

A parrot was asked to pick up flag of country who will win world cup. Parrot took flag of Pakistan three times constantly. Just for doing that Indians killed the parrot. This news is confirmed by official media channels like geo etc. It is also informed that Bal Thakre was involved in killing of innocent parrot. Can you imagine something more of hatred than this incident?

According to sources Indian psychic Parrot who’s name was Mali predicted Pakistan three times in a row as Cricket World Champion 2011.But his owner baba to make himself safe from Indian doggy party Shiv Sena killed his Parrot for predicting Pakistan.

It is also noted that Indian Media is hiding this Hot news which can show real image of Indian democracy to world.

Pakistani Nation is happy but mostly people express that they didn’t belief on any Psychic.Mamu a psychic has also predicted in T20 World cup 2010 semis that Pakistan ‘ll win but Pakistan lost that match.So we only belief on self power and we will lift cup from Mumbai. And will beat any one except Shiv Sena with our bat.

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