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Panic for Nato, Nato supplies on hold by Pakistan

Islamabad–Though initially the United States
was not showing any anxiety on Pakistan’s action to halt all supplies
to US-led forces in Afghanistan through Pakistani soil, at least the
statements emanated from Washington reflected so, but, after three
weeks, the reports reaching from Afghanistan suggested that Pakistani action has inflicted a telling blow on them.

A panic-like situation is witnessed in the military
camps and garrisons across the Durand line as level of mobility and
actions of the forces fighting with Taliban have come down. The winter
has become very harsh for the NATO forces after cutting off fuel supply
through tankers from Pakistan, standing in long queues at Pakistani
ports, different areas on Pak-Afghan borders and roadsides resting
places along the highways in Pakistan waiting green signal from the

More than four thousand tankers engaged in supplies
have been halted while the loading and carrying containers with food
and other essentials have also been stopped, cutting off life line of
the forces, at least in this harsh winter when the northern supply
routes through Central Asian Republics and Russian Federation have also frozen this year.

Pakistan is holding a crucial trump card at least for three months when
this inhospitable winter will keep its wings on the northern supply
routes for the forces in Afghanistan. The US can manage its light
supplies through northern routes by air, but its heavy supplies,
possible only through sea and land routes can not be carried out in this
harsh winter without route from Pakistani. Even, a long supply route
through Russian Federation and central Asian Republics, after the winter is over will cost the super power 100 times more than the route through Pakistan, which is the shortest one.

The situation for the NATO forces can further worsen, if Pakistan announces to close
air corridor given to the US over Pakistani territory. This situation
can precipitate the miseries for the forces fighting in a barren land
infested with Taliban. Pakistan Government is also contemplating to put
taxes and route cess on NATO supplies, the sources in the government

All these steps can expedite the evacuation of US-led NATO forces from neighbouring Afghanistan, the sources told this scribe.

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