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Pakistan’s war on terror sacrifices reminded by china to world


Sept 29 (APP): China on Thursday again reminded the world community
Pakistan’s great sacrifices as the front line state on war against
terrorism.“I wold like to point out that Pakistan is at the forefront of
international fight against counter terrorism and made great
scarifies”, said spokesperson of Chinese foreign ministry Hong Lei while
responding to questions on present Pakistan, USA relations at a regular
press briefing here.He expressed the hope that the international
community would respect Pakistan’s independence, solidarity and
territorial integrity. Hong said that China also hopes that Pakistan and
US will improve relations which is conducive for the regional peace,
stability and development.

China and Pakistan, he said share traditional friendship, adding the relationship between the two has stood test of the time.

He pointed out that “the two countries remain good neighbours, good partners, and good friends.”

Over the years, Hong said China has provided assistance to Pakistan for
its economic development within its capacity, adding his country will
continue to help south Asian neighbour in future as well.

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