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Pakistan’s counterinsurgency efforts impressive: Gen Petraus

Handout picture taken and received on December 25, 2010 from the US Army shows commander of international forces in Afghanistan, US General David Petraeus (C), visiting an Italian base in Farah province.

General David Petraeus, top United States (US) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) commander in Afghanistan, on Sunday said that Pakistan’s counterinsurgency efforts in the tribal areas were “impressive”.

According to an Associated Press (AP) report published in The Washington Post, Petraeus, who is visiting bases and combat outposts in Afghanistan, said that coordinated operations had been conducted by Pakistani forces and NATO forces, and that there was a need to do more “hammer and anvil operations”.

“We have to be very clear in recognizing what Pakistan has done over the course of the last 22 months, which is quite considerable. They’ve conducted impressive counterinsurgency operations, and they have sustained significant military losses and civilian losses during the course of that time.”

Speaking on the Pakistan Army extending its operation into North Waziristan, Petraeus said that it was important for the army to solidify its current gains before launching the operation.

“But … they’ve got quite a few short sticks and hornets’ nests already, and rule Number 1 of a military operation is don’t start something you can’t finish. And they recognize the need to finish some of the operations they’ve already conducted before launching significant new ones.”

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