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A pakistani soldier , participated in kargil war want to commit suicide with his family.

A Pakistani Army soldier, who participated in the Kargil War against India and lost his hands, is planning to commit suicide along with his wife and children due to the apathy and negligence of the government authorities and the army.

Javaid Iqbal is running from pillar to post for over three years to get the possession of land allotted to him by the Army in Okara as a reward for his services during the Kargil War.

The mafia has grabbed the land allotted to Iqbal, who has knocked at the doors of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and Rana Sanaullah but to no avail.
Iqbal, a resident of Tehsil Talagang, Chakwal, lost his both hands during the Kargil War and is on pension on medical grounds.

The victim said he was now under the debt of over Rs 200,000 and had no further money for the treatment of his daughter, a patient of Thalassemia, The Nation reports.

He said Governor Salman Taseer and Rana Sanaullah took immediate notice but after he submitted his documents no action was initiated.

He said he along with his spouse, Tahira Parveen, and offspring Muqadas Shaheen, Faiza Shaheen, and Ziaul Rehman would commit suicide any time in front of the Chief Minister’s House if the authorities further delayed in getting his land retrieved from the land mafia. (ANI)

( I want the adress of this person. I want to help this person anyway. If someone of you know about him please comment. )

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