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Pakistan won 1965 Indo Pak war proves with photos and statements

Now a days it is a convention for military fans to talk about war of 1965. According to many sources Pakistan won that war but Indians claim that they won the war. But I am going to prove it here actually Pakistan won the war.

Actually there was No permanent territorial changes so it is difficult to tell who actually won the war. Pakistan lost more men and tanks but very few amount of aircrafts. These losses also can’t be regarded as loss of any country.

But we may regard loser to one who requested america for cease fire. Yes it is only the option to tell actually who won the war of 1965. Infact at first Indian army attacked Pakistan army at night. At that time Pakistan army was not ready for a war so Pakistan lost many of its soldiers and tanks at beginning. In a very short time Pakistan got prepared for war. Now Pakistan army was ready not only to defend but also to attack. Pakistan air force suffered India a lot. Pakistan army also entered India and captured some of its area. At that time Pakistan suicide bombers done their duty just by destroying many of Indian tanks. Now Indians were at the edge of loss so they decided for cease fire. Some of their officials went to america and requested for cease fire against Pakistan. At that time america forced Pakistan to stop war on India. Pakistan army accepted it and left the area of India captured by Pakistan army. It clears that India first thought to cease fire because they knew they are going to lose. So we can only consider them as losers not as winners.

India’s Prime Minister, Shastri, suffered a fatal heart attack soon after the declaration of the ceasefire. I think he was not able to bear their loss so it happened.

Some foolish people says Pakistan army did not even entered India but I am going to show them something.

Proves of Pakistan army entered India and captured India’s post of Khem Karn

Pakistan army Gen. Mohammad Musa visiting Khem Karn
after being captured by Pakistan
Pakistani soldiers taking position in Khem Karn

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