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Pakistan to train Afghanistan’s army: FO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army would train Afghan National Army as well as
Police under the trilateral pacts signed in Istanbul on the other day,
Foreign Office Spokesperson Tehmina Janjua said on Thursday.
a question in the weekly briefing, the spokesperson said two protocols
were signed in the Summit on November 1 under which the three countries
have agreed to cooperate in military exercises, and training in addition
to coaching the Afghan Police.
Tehmina Janjua said in the
trilateral presidential summit held in Istanbul, the three countries
agreed on two protocols of police training and military training to
enhance the capacity of the forces of the three countries against
She said that Pakistan stance regarding Afghanistan
is based on principles and clear, adding, “We want economic development
along with peace and security in Afghanistan.”
The Istanbul
Conference on Afghanistan adopted a broad ranging document that
stipulates certain principles and CBMs which constitute an expression of
the regions solidarity and support for Afghanistan.
She said
that President Asif Ali Zardari was in Istanbul on the invitation of
President Abdullah Gul to participate in the Sixth Trilateral meeting
among Afghanistan- Pakistan- Turkey and bilateral discussions with
President Gul.
The Trilateral meeting in which President
Zardari, President Abdullah Gul and President Hamid Karzai attended and
assisted by the Foreign Ministers and military and intelligence heads of
the three countries, was very useful, the spokesperson said. Janjua
said that at the trilateral summit, the President reiterated Pakistan’s
commitment to the trilateral partnership concept between the three
countries. “We attach importance to the ongoing trilateral Ankara
process,” she said.
The Trilateral meeting adopted a joint
statement which underscored trans-regional development as a key priority
and security cooperation as the main focus of the Sixth Trilateral
Summit. Two protocols were signed for trilateral cooperation on conduct
of mutual military exercises and courses and on training cooperation,
she said.
She said that Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar represented Pakistan at the Istanbul regional Conference on Afghanistan.
the meetings, she said the president assured to the Government and
people of Afghanistan of Pakistan’s full support in their endeavours to
overcome all challenges and to assure themselves a bright future of
stability, peace and prosperity.
The meetings also underscored
Pakistan’s commitment to promote socio-economic development of
Afghanistan and the region by a mutually collaborative endeavour that
optimizes the region’s collective development potential.
also vowed to continue its endeavour to enhance its bilateral
cooperation with Afghanistan to realize the vision of peace and
prosperity contained in the three declarations signed between Pakistan
and Afghanistan in 2009, 2010 and 2011, she further said.
spokesperson said that the Istanbul Conference on Afghanistan adopted a
broad ranging document that stipulates certain principles and CBMs which
constitute an expression of the regions solidarity and support for
“Pakistan’s principle objectives with regard to
Afghanistan are to promote stability, peace and prosperity in this
brotherly country. This is important for peace and stability in the
region as a whole. We have supported all initiatives for peace and
stability and regional economic cooperation,” she said
She said that Pakistan is actively participating in all trilateral processes with regard to Afghanistan.
include Pakistan-Afghanistan-Turkey, Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran,
Pakistan-Afghanistan-US and the Pakistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan-Russia
quadrilateral as well as the SCO sponsored processes and RECCA, she
To a question in connection to the Most Favorite
Nation (MFN) status to India, she said that the cabinet decision has
empowered ministry of commerce for normalization of trade relations with
Pakistan and India understand that friendly relations
between the two countries are essential for peace, development and
welfare of the people in the region.
Regarding political
development in Libya, she said that the country has an established
embassy in Pakistan and “Pakistan already recognizes the state and the
government, we wish them a prosperous future”.
To a question
about the possible US attack in collaboration with some other states
against Iran, she said that Pakistan supports resolution of issues
through negotiation in the region and would never support any armed

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