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Pakistan Talibans will not allow to free army contractors without payment

Pakistani Taliban militants in North Waziristan tribal region have demanded ransom for the release of two army contractors, officials said Tuesday.

The militants kidnapped two contractors of the Frontier Works Organization (FWO), a construction and military engineering administrative branch of the Pakistani Army, in South Waziristan tribal region in December last year.

The militants shifted them to North Waziristan, their stronghold near the Afghan border, officials from security force said.

Tribal elders had series of meetings with the militants but the kidnappers had reportedly demanded a ransom of 8 million rupees ( about 94,200 U.S. dollars) for the release of FWO workers during their negotiations with the team. However, local administration mentioned it to the local Bhittani elders that it would not bow to the abductors’ demands.

The FWO workers were kidnapped from their makeshift camp. They were immediately shifted to an unknown location somewhere in North Waziristan Agency.

After the failure of the local police to trace the kidnapped, the political administration stripped the local tribesmen of all privileges besides holding several Jirgas or councils.

The security forces also conducted search operations in various areas to recover the kidnapped persons.

The administration on Monday refused more time to the ten- member tribal committee for talks with the abductors for the release of two kidnapped FWO workers.

The ten-member committee ended its talks with the militants somewhere in North Waziristan Agency without making any headway, officials said.

An official source said that the administration under Territorial Responsibility Article launched a crack-down on the Bhittani tribe, which announced to hold a Jirga on March 2. Under the law, tribesmen will be held responsible of any crime committed in their areas.

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