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Pakistan Infantary Weapons: Sub Machine Gun SMG-PK, PK1

SMG PK is one of the most reliable & compact sub-machine guns in production at the Pakistan Ordnance Factories. Based on the Famous H&K delayed roller locked blowback system, this 9mm sub-machine gun can be employed for Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and is popular among para medics, military personnel, signal personnel, para jumpers, SSG officers on special duty, military police and civil law enforcing agencies. SMG-PK presents complete versatility and mobility coupled with the punching power of 9mm Para.

These SMGs come with universal carrying sling, spare magazines and option accessories.

Calibre: 9 x 19 mm Para
Feed Device: 15 Rounds Magazine
Type of Fire: Single & Automatic
Rate of Fire: 900 RPM
Muzzle Velocity: 375 m/sec
Sights: Rigid Front Sight & Rotary Rear Sight
Length of Weapon: 340 mm
Length of Barrel: 115 mm
Weight of Weapon: 2.0 kg


SMG PK-1 is also available with retractable butt stock and a standard pistol grip.

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