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Pakistan govt, people will not tolerate US army in their land: Rabbani

The Parliamentary Committee on National Security has clearly said to the
United States that neither Pakistani government nor its people will
tolerate the presence of US army on their land.
meeting of the committee was held at the Parliament House with its
Chairman Senator Raza Rabbani in chair. The committee said that the
negotiation process might be stirred forward by using multi-prong
strategy, with all those Taliban groups, which would agree to be
disarmed before talks.
The big bosses of
the Foreign Office gave detailed briefing to the committee on the
situation arose after rift in the Pak-US ties, American threats and
allegations and fresh blames levelled by Afghan government.
the meeting, the committee Chairman, Senator Raza Rabbani told media
that the committee called the high ups of the Defence Ministry on
October 11, who would also brief the committee members on the tension
created between Pakistan and USA.
He said
the committee reiterated its resolve that the entire parliament is
united in the difficult time. People, army and government would not
accept any foreign aggression so it is hoped that US will not commit a
mistake of crossing boundaries of Pakistan.
US cannot present any evidence in support of their allegations. The USA
should also adopt the roadmap that leads towards the negotiation
table”, Rabbani added.

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