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Pakistan delays ruling on status of jailed American

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A provincial court yesterday gave the Pakistani government three weeks to decide whether the US official in custody for killing two Pakistanis has diplomatic immunity, a delay that could intensify a standoff with the United States.
The decision came a day after a whirlwind visit by Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts to try to find a quick resolution to the case, which has damaged relations between the two countries and exposed the weakness of the pro-American government headed by President Asif Ali Zardari.

The public furor in Pakistan has revolved around why Raymond A. Davis, 36, arrested with a loaded handgun and other security gear, was driving alone in an impoverished area of Lahore. Davis killed two motorcyclists he says were trying to rob him.

The US ambassador, Cameron Munter, said the United States was disappointed that the Pakistani government had not certified to the court that Davis had diplomatic immunity.

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