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Pakistan Army’s Blunt Rejection Of U.S Report Regarding Salala Incident

Pakistan Army on 23 Jan, blatantly and vociferously rejected the baseless and biased report of Pentagon in accordance to 26 Nov Salala Checkpost attack in which 24 beloved and gallant soldiers were rewarded with the honor of Shahadat.

Pentagon repeating the history of not accepting its dreading mistakes, again marked this incident as ‘SELF DEFENSE’ of NATO-ISAF forces slandering Pakistan Army for the initiation of the carnage.

Pakistan Army  retort the highly incredulous and spurious report of Pentagon by calling it a brilliantly concocted story and a ‘work of faction’.

 Pakistan lost her 24 brave soldiers due to the intentional blitz of coward NATO-ISAF forces who can not even defend their bases despite of their state-of-the-art weaponry.We, as a nation strongly condemn the gory act of coalition forces with a warning of bitter reprisal if they even try to think about doing it again.



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