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Pakistan Army Loyal and Committed to Continuation of Democracy

Army extended full support to democracy and always favored the political
process in the country and performing their duties under Pakistan constitution.
The best thing happened to Pakistan’s democracy.
talk of confrontation between military and Government, PM Nawaz Sharif has
called for complete harmony among all state institutions for the progress and
prosperity of the country. PM said the army is a symbol of the country’s
solidarity and defence, and every patriotic Pakistani wants to see Pakistan
Army united and strong. Any attempt to a create rift in the army is against the
national interest, he added. The PM also said that weakening the army is
tantamount to weakening national defence.
said that the army, under the leadership of its present head, has desisted from
any kind of adventurism. The Army Chief is to ensure predominance of the constitution
and law, which is a matter of great satisfaction and symbolically reflects
light and hope for a new emerging Pakistan, the PML-N chief said. PM also highlight
that nation is proud of the capabilities of Pakistan Armed forces. He said
there is complete harmony between the political and military leaderships.

analysts and journalist said that outgoing COAS General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s
support to democracy and his professional achievements, both on internal and
external fronts, with progressive strategic vision, would bode well for the
institution as well as for Pakistan.

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