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Pakistan army is moving out from valley of Swat


Pakistan Army in Swat

Thousands of Pakistani soldiers are relocating from Swat which was once a stronghold of Taliban

When it was asked from the officials they said that Army relocation is a part of their clear,hold and transfer strategy.As part of the strategy, joint military and police activities have been conducted for capacity building in the districts of Shangla and Buner, leading up to the handing over of full control to the civil law enforcement agencies.
It will take about 1 to 2 years for complete relocation of army, the official said.
Officials said that the first first phase of strategy has been completed and now Pakistan Army is in 2nd phase of monitoring the area. This phase is likely to be completed in this march.
The third phase would see military units that are left behind to serve only as a deterrent force to ward off any possible threat and rely on intelligence work to track and hunt down militants.
‘The civil law enforcement agencies will take the lead role. This is a big achievement and a role model for other places,’ the security official said.

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