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Pakistan Army doctors treat 3,458 in drought-hit Thar

MITHI: A number of medical camps, set up by the Pakistan Army, have provided medical assistance to around 3,458 patients in the drought-stricken Tharparkar region of Pakistan, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said Tuesday.

According to a handout issued by ISPR, healthcare specialists from Pakistan Army Medical Corps, working in six field hospitals, are serving the sick around the clock. The camps have been established in Mithi, Islam Kot, Nagar Yarkar, Chacharo, and Kaisar, the statement added. It further said that Pakistan Army, in its relief operation, had, so far, dished out about 110 tons of food supplies to the famished Tharis.

Dozens of children have died of malnutrition and other causes in Tharparkar, prompting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to travel to the famine-hit area to allocate $10 million in emergency aid. National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) confirmed the U.N. figures, saying 26 under-five children had also died in December when a severe drought hit the area located in southern region of Sindh.

The drought has affected an estimated 900,000 people, according to the Tharparkar deputy commissioner’s office. Local administration and some media reports suggest children were dying due to drought-related malnutrition while around 900,000 have so far been affected in Tharparkar.

It has also been reported that relief goods were not reaching the affected area promptly while one report claimed around 60,000 sacks of flour had been dispatched to Sindh but only 900 had been distributed.  – SAMAA

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