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Pakistan Army conducting crime against Humanity in Balochistan. Ahmar Mustikhan

WASHINGTON DC: December 11, 2010. (PCP) Ahmar Mustikhan, founder of the American Friends of Balochistan, said on Thursday that Baloch are not Pakistanis and no amount of extra judicial killings, enforced disappearances and torture of Baloch patriots by Islamabad would change that reality.

Speaking at a Press conference at the National Press Club, organized by the Responsible for Equality And Liberty, he said the Universal Declaration of Human rights was necessitated as violations of human rights had plunged the word into two horrific wars in a span of a quarter century, World War One and World War Two.

The declaration was passed 62 years ago on December 10, 1948 but many countries like Pakistan still continue to violate it, he added.

“The problem with Pakistan is one of three As– America, Army and Allah. I am going to take up only one of the As, that is America,” he said

He said the Baloch people were disgusted that U.S. aid to Pakistan was continuing despite the fact that the Kerry-Lugar Bill specifically ties aid to Pakistan to its respect for human rights and severing contacts with the religious extremists that are once again threatening not only peace in the AfPak region, but the world at large.

He accused Pakistan of violating at least 18 of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Balochistan and elsewhere.

“Pakistan’s Frontier Force, Military Intelligence and Inter Services Intelligence are conducting crimes against humanity in Balochistan. There is the Patrick Leahy Amendment that forbids the U.S. from doing business with such entities like Pakistan’s Military Intelligence, I.S.I. and Frontier Corps that violate human rights,” Mustikhan said.

He called upon the U.S. Congress to uphold the U.S. laws specially the Kerry-Lugar Bill and the Patrick Leahy Amendment and to send a fact-finding mission to Balochistan.

“In the words of Balochistan independence leader Hyrbyair Marri, Pakistan army is conducting what is called the Nigth and Fog policy of Hitler in Balochistan. Hitler’s army disappeared thousands of freedom lovers from Europe during World War two as a form of punishment for resisting the occupation forces. Pakistan is doing the same in Balochistan.

I am appealing to the Department of State to talk directly with Baloch stakeholders when it comes to Balochistan. What we have seen in the latest WikiLeaks is that the U.S. is only focusing on Pakistan military and I.S.I. This is inexcusable as any American soldier posted near the borders with Pakistan will tell you the role Pakistani security forces are playing in endangering human lives in Afghanistan.

I also appeal to the Amnesty International USA, Human Rights Watch, Freedom House and U.S. think-tanks like Brookings, Heritage Foundation — I mean regardless of whether these organizations are left, right or center –, and other think-tanks to step up to the plate to bare the gross violations of human rights in Balochistan. In that way, the America part of Pakistan problem will be solved.

As a Baloch I am proud of the secularism of my people. No doubt the majority of Baloch are Muslims, but we do not marry religion with politics. Any marriage of religion with politics can be poisonous as we can see in the case of Pakistan.

I must also express my solidarity with the suffering Christians and Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan who are being targeted under the blasphemy law.

When Pakistan was created in 1947, the population of minorities was 15 percent and today it is less than three percent. This is a shame.

Just like it is totally unfair to try to convert the Christians into Muslims or declaring Ahmadi Muslims as non-Muslims, I must reiterate a foreign nationality can never be imposed on any freedom loving people.

Balochistan is Texas-sized, but was left divided by the British into three parts. Baloch people are not Pakistanis and no amount of coercion, extra judicially killings, enforced disappearances and torture can change that basic reality. The world must accept the Baloch reality.


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