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Pakistan and Obama’s Indian visit

Can we afford to be friendly with a neighbour, which is bent upon emonising, defaming and downgrading our country?
It buys arms – state-of-the-art military weapons from all over the world – but raises a hue and cry, if Pakistan makes a bid for the purchase of air force planes or old frigates or a used submarine. At the same time, it strikes an unprecedented deal with the US on the supply of nuclear reactors and also assured supplies of related material, which involves the violation of US laws and NPT provisions, but cannot tolerate Pakistan getting two small nuclear reactors from China. It grabs Siachen and refuses to settle the dispute about it. It pledges to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir to ascertain the wishes of its people, but reneges on it on flimsy excuses. It invades a part of Pakistan and breaks the country into two, holds tens of thousands of Pakistani soldiers and civilians as prisoners in Indian jails. It builds dams on the rivers flowing into Pakistan violating the Indus Waters Treaty, while Pakistan had to resort to arbitration to get the design of the dam rectified.
But why am I highlighting the Indian anti-Pakistan doings? The reason for recalling India’s unfriendly acts is because of the news that the first stop of the American President’s visit to India will be Mumbai. Not only is he being put up in the Taj hotel, but he will also be attending a ceremony to project to the world that the 26/11 attack on Mumbai was by the terrorists having links with Pakistan. India, thus, would be reinforcing the impression that Pakistan is a country, which keeps sponsoring terrorism, as there is one fear that the world cannot take lightly, and that is the threat of terrorism. There are also reports that India will deepen its plans to involve the US in developing a joint mechanism to counter terrorism and may enter into an agreement, during Obama’s visit – something which may have adverse repercussions for Pakistan.

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