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‘Pak Army waiting for “appropriate time” to launch N. Waziristan operation’

Despite US pressure, Pakistan will not launch a military offensive in the North Waziristan region until it has completed its operation in Orakzai, stabilised Swat and Bajaur, and handed over stable places such as Shangla to civilian control, top officials revealed on Thursday.

“Oh yes, we have to go to North Waziristan for action to restore the dignity of the state, but not by leaving other ongoing missions half done,” the Daily Times quoted the officials, as speaking on the condition of anonymity, in what could be the first hints at the preparations for the much-awaited offensive around the border areas of the tribal Agency.

According to reports, North Waziristan has been the last bastion for local and foreign militants after the military regained the lost ground in Swat, drove them out from South Waziristan, and put them on the “back foot” in Bajaur.

The officials disclosed that it was principally agreed to take action in North Waziristan. “However, we will wait for the appropriate time before doing that,” they said.

“For actions in North Waziristan, the military will need to remove troops from areas where they are already engaged against militants or stabilised other areas. Leaving the ongoing missions half done will be an extremely unwise move to take,” the officials added.

In the wake of reports that the political leadership of Pakistan has authorised Army Chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani to take the decision as to when the desired operation should begin in North Waziristan, it looks less likely that the army will take any action in winter, the paper said. (ANI)

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