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Pak Army Efforts for Earthquake Victims in Baluchistan and Our Media Reporting

Pakistan Army and Frontier Corps troops rescue
and relief operation continues in the earthquake affected areas of Mashke,
Awaran and Khuzdar in Baluchistan. The relief efforts continued round the clock by Pak Army helicopters, to evacuate injured people from different areas to
medical facility established at Awaran and Khuzdar. 
Various section of media in Pakistan are reporting and publishing statements which are ‘baseless’ and a ‘propaganda ploy’. Media reports portraying
an impression that FC troops are hampering the supplies of relief goods to the
earthquake affected people. FC was participating in relief work actively and
thousands of troops are engaged in safe delivery of relief goods to different
affected areas but media is not highlighting the efforts.
is also note that media sections are not venturing the militant attacks on
doctors and rocket attacks on helicopters and looting of some relief goods. Miscreants
are carrying out attacks and their supporters are engaged in baseless
propaganda against the FC troops and are playing with the sentiments of the
Baloch people and Pakistani media is not highlighting in their news and
The fact is that Pakistan
Army troops are participating in rescue operations. As many as
wounded were evacuated / treated from different areas of Mushke and Awaran to
District hospital Awaran by Army / Frontier Corps troops. Food
items, medicine and tents have been distributed among the earthquake affectees.
Cooked food is also being provided to homeless people in Awaran. More relief
goods to include tents, blankets water and food items are enroute from
different parts of the country. 
facilities including Para Medics are providing medical treatment to injure in
Mushke, Khuzdar and Awaran.  It is worth mentioning here that number of
troops participating in rescue operation has grown up to to provide relief efforts.

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