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PAF to look for fifth generation aircrafts

Yesterday, huzhigeng struck again, bringing more insider news from 611 Institute (Chengdu Aircraft Corporation). Anyways here they are.

Last month, when a person asked whether JF-17 will be modified into a low observable, aka stealth design:

“Chengdu has an export pre-4th gen (5th gen in US/Russian standard)designated as J-2X.Pakistan and third world countries have demands for it. Of course, 611 can expect to get some order from Chinese air force also. It is about the size of F-35, and the design has already been presented to Pakistan.”

Yesterday, he reinstated this point:

“4th Gen (referring to J-20)’s little brother is also being designed.”

Furthermore, he elaborated on recent exchanges between the two countries:

“PAF recently sent a group of represenatives to CAC. They looked at a few designs for their 4th gen, and in general they were pretty satisfied.”

When asked about the neccessity of SAC’s project, he briefly mentioned future directions in design:

“611 (CAC) will continue to utilize canards in their future designs. This is both a tradition and a legacy, much like Lockheed Martin and their conventional designs. North (referring to SAC) will feature mostly conventional layouts. Of course, from the looks of JF-17, CAC’s conventional designs aren’t bad either. Now it remains to be seen whether J-2X (Pakistan’s project) will have conventional or canard design.”

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