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An overview of Balochistan and Pakistan Army

Currently, Balochistan liberation is one of the biggest issue on TV channels. But what’s the reality. Do they really want freedom?

Please watch following videos

Also read the following article written by Zaid Hamid with facts and figures.

From these videos and article we come to the conclusion that majority of Balochistan people don’t want liberation. The people looking for liberation are misguided by foreign agencies working to break apart Pakistan.  But take a look at these words so we might know the blessings of Allah ( S.W.T ) on Pakistan.

Quaid-e-Azam went abroad and thought not to come back to Pakistan because he was totally dis pointed. Once he was sitting at his chair, with closed eyes when he heard a sound.
” Get Up Quaid”
He opened his eyes, there was no one around. He thought there is no one and closed his eyes. This happened to him again but he still felt it is just his imagination nothing else.
Third time he listened a voice
” Get Up Quaid, I am Muhammad ( S.A.W )” and Quaid was asked to go back to create the center of Islam.

( Refrence: Diary of Quaid-e-Azam is available in Market )

Why Balochistan became of part of Pakistan?

Watch following video for this answer. 

As I have already mentioned many foreign forces are working to break apart Pakistan.

Please watch following video.

Is army not aware of problems of Balochistan? Infact, Army is. Current COAS of Pakistan ( Head of Armed Forces in Pakistan ) is also from Balochistan Regiment so he is looking for prosperity in Balochistan. He knows the problems of Balochistan and trying to solve them. 

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