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Our Martyrs Are Our Assets – “Youm e Shuhda”

The live nations never forget the sacrifices rendered by their martyrs and take these sacrifices as a guide line for security and safety of the country!! (Major General Obaidullah Khan)

“Youm e Shuhda”, a day celebrated on 30th April, in the recognition of the Martyrs of the Security Forces, who gave great sacrifices in the defense and maintenance of sovereignty of Pakistan. Definitely, this day is associated with the memories of those who sacrificed their lives for collective interest of the whole country, and are a source of inspiration. Pakistan is fertile land having plenty of brave, courageous sons, who are always ready to die for their country. Yum-e-Shuhda is not only related to present Martyrs (Shaheed) of armed forces but also a day to pay tribute and memorize all those who sacrificed their lives in the name of their country. In fact I want to include all those martyrs who sacrificed their lives in securing this country, at the time of independence. They are our inspirations to invoke the sense of patriotism, selflessness and devotion to protect the interests of our motherland. They are indeed the ones, due to whom we are living peacefully in this precious country.

War against terrorism proved a complicated and unprecedented war for Pakistan, which is still lingering on and no one knows when it will leave our boundaries. Pakistan paid and is paying huge cost for being a frontline ally in this war. Almost 70,000 casualties (including civilians) occurred due to this endless and unrewarding war. The most affected with this war are those directly dealing with the terrorists who have captured our borders and continuously misusing the name of religion. The Security Forces fighting with them to eradicate the menace of terrorism and to stop the killings of innocent citizens are often easily blamed. A layman never thinks of the hardships and difficulties through which army personnel gets through, in a war front where he spends his life in a state of likelihood of death every minute. Ever we realize the value of that soldier/officer who is standing on border spending his life there, having his family far off from his reach, at his home town or village? Honest answer is “No”, we prove to be dishonest with them as we forget their sacrifices, calling them as traitors, blindly following the media campaign funded by the foreign hands. Our media is putting allegations on those fearless and dedicated soldiers, who spendtheir lives in defending the borders but we keep on watching and listening to media’s vague arguments. This is our national behavior and character, to play blame game, and satisfy ourselves of the misfortunes or the ills done to us. We must recognize the responsibility of a sensible citizen and to join hands with the Security Forces, so that we also might not be considered traitors of our own soldiers, our protectors and guarantors of peace, harmony, and security.

“Our Heroes smile at a ruin of their life because they ruined their own life to protect their country.”

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