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NY Time’s shocking revelations against Geo News

The furor over Hamir Mir’s shooting could result in the closing of Geo TV.

(Web Desk) – Recently, a New York Times report has revealed shocking revelations against Geo News, accusing the media group of terrorist and anti-state activities.
The report by renowned journalist Declan Walsh after doing a brief analysis on the situation following attack on journalist Hamid Mir revealed that “In 2012, the militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi recruited a junior reporter at Geo to help plan the assassination of a news editor and a prominent talk show host at the station, said a former Geo manager with direct knowledge of the case. The plot was foiled when the reporter confessed.”
The report quoting former manager of Geo News further disclosed that “a second Geo employee was identified as a militant after the Taliban assault on Karachi’s Mehran naval base in June 2011.”
The station also believes that insider information played a role in the death of Wali Khan Babar, a Geo reporter who was killed in 2010, a current Geo manager said.
It was further mentioned in the report that the controversy over Hamid Mir’s shooting is unlikely to be resolved. In the past two decades, Pakistan’s courts have produced convictions in just two fatal attacks on journalists: Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter killed in 2002, and Wali Babar, the Geo reporter.

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