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Nuclear comparison between Pakistan and India

Well, India is going for many Defense deals. Sometimes they deal to by Apache and sometimes to by Rafale. India is spending lot of budget in order to face her enemy. They are preparing for a conventional warfare.

On the other hand Pakistan is also getting prepared to face all the threats from her enemy. Pakistan is spending about 16% of their total budget on Army. In fact, Pakistan is facing threats within the country so Pakistan is spending much money to buy new weapons.

But what about nuclear warfare?

In fact, Pakistan is much advanced in nuclear warfare when compared to India.

First of all, Pakistan military has second strike capability. It means Pakistan can attack India within 8 minutes with nuclear weapons. On the other hand India need many hours to prepare for a nuclear war. It means if Pakistan attacks first on India with her nuclear weapons India can not reply back with nuclear bombs. But if India dare to start nuclear warfare, Pakistan can certainly reply them back resulting destruction or vanishing of India.

Pakistan is producing most dangerous atomic bombs while on the other hand India is looking to test her nuclear capability again.

Pakistan is having pin point accurate nuclear capable missiles but what about India? In fact, India is not sure about her missiles. A report already published by Indian media clearly depicts power of Indian missiles. Even Indian army is not sure whether their launched missile will hit Pakistan or not.

A question appears whether next Indo-Pak war would be nuclear or not? Certainly, the answer is , yes for sure. Pakistan is not going to start a war but anyways if Indians trigger war then certainly they will to face Pakistan’s nuclear capability. India must not to worry about Pakistan’s equipment and Pakistan’s conventional warfare capability. 

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