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Next Indo Pak war analysis Part 3 ( Will it be a nuclear war )

Now a question appear, will the next Indo Pak war be a nuclear war? Yes there are much possiblity of nuclear war. If India will attack on Pakistan , CIA will try to take over Pakistani nuclear weapons. If they will be succeed then there will be very less chances of a nuclear war according to some analysers but how can they capture Pakistani nuclear weapons? I think they can capture maximum of 25 to 30 of Pakistani nuclear weapons. What about others? If anyway Pakistan captured any city of India and vice versa then 80% chances will be of triggering nuclear war. But if both countries captured very few amount of enemy’s territory then I think it will not trigger a nuclear war.
Now a question appears, Which country is more stronger in nuclear war? Who will win a nuclear war?

First of all I will like to write a quote by some scholar I don’t know his name

“There are no winners or losers in nuclear war but only survivers”

It is the same case here. Triggering a nuclear war will not be a win of any country but it will be used for defence only to survive own people. I think attacker will not start nuclear war but he may.

Actually Pakistan is more powerfull country of nuclear warfare as compared to India as accepted by Indians theirselves. Pakistani nuclear weapons are too much stronger as compared to Indian nuclear weapons. How to carry a bomb to enemy’s country will also be a bit difficult. Actually, Pakistan has a very high level missile syestem so Pakistanis can easily carry their nuclear bombs to any city of India. Indians accept that their missile syestem is defective so Indians must not to use their missiles to carry nuclear bombs to Pakistan in current situations. Now carrying missiles by air is also an option for both countries and I think a better option. In this case also more Pakistan aircrafts can easlily carry nuclear weapons to India. India may also choose this option to carry nuclear bombs to Pakistan. I think Pakistan has a serious advantage over India in nuclear warfare.

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