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Next Indo Pak war analysis Part 2 ( who is going to start it )

As I have already told you that there are not too much chances of Indo Pak war in next 5 years but any blast or terrorism may cause a war before next five years. Now question appear, Who is going to start the next war. I am not sure if it is going to be started by Pakistan or India but I can give my personal opinion and analysis. I think Pakistan is not going to start war with India but India will start 1st. Pakistan will just remain a defender nor an attacker. Actually Indians don’t want peace with Pakistan. I know some people may be wanted peace but not at all. But it is not the cause of the war to be started by India. Actually, India is just waiting for an excuse to start war. They may start war just by a gang war in mumbai giving it the name of terrorism of Pakistan. Actually Pakistan may need a war with India for water and Kashmir problems but I think they are not going to start a war so soon. If in next two years war will start then it will cause much damage for Pakistan due to current situations in Pakistan. India is just waiting for CIA to take over the nuclear power of Pakistan. I am sure CIA is doing their job in Pakistan and maybe they know where some of Pakistani nuclear weapons are. If they will find all of the nuclear weapons or at least 80% then it may trigger a war b/w India and Pakistan. But I am sure Pakistan is not going to start war in next 5 years at least. War is expected from India this time.

My message to India


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