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NATO strike kills 24 Pakistani troops, We must to reply back.

NATO helicopters have attacked a border post, Pakistani security
officials say, killing at least 24 soldiers and injuring more than a

It is not the first time that the NATO strikes Pakistan Army but they have already done it. There is still not a big reply from Pakistan but just to cut out NATO supply.


Authorities suspended NATO supplies to landlocked Afghanistan in protest.
pre-dawn attack occurred in Mohmand agency, one of the seven Pakistani
tribal districts from where US officials say militants infiltrate into
Afghanistan to target NATO-led forces.
A military spokesman said NATO helicopters had targeted the Salala border post manned by paramilitary troops.
official at the paramilitary Frontier Corps headquarters in Peshawar,
the capital of north-western Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province, said initial
reports showed 22 soldiers and two officers were killed and 15 troops
were wounded.
‘This is an attack on Pakistan’s sovereignty and
such attacks will not be further tolerated,’ said provincial governor
Masood Kausar, who also heads the civilian government in seven tribal

The Salala border post is on a hill along a route used
by militants often to enter into Afghanistan, said an intelligence
official who also spoke on condition of anonymity
. ( SKY NEWS )

Pakistan must to take some serious steps in order to prevent such happenings in the future. Pakistan must not forget sacrifice of martyrs and must give them justice.



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