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My army’ won’t topple govt: Gilani

LAHORE: Ruling out any possibility of a military takeover in Pakistan, Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani said that ‘his army’ will not rebel against him.

“This is my army. They will not come,” The News quoted Gilani as saying . He made these remarks when asked by the media if there was any possibility of military intervention under the present circumstances.

Gilani was replying to questions after addressing an international education conference, “School of Tomorrow: Freedom to Learn” , organised by the Beaconhouse Group on Friday. The premier also said that the critics who tolerated dictatorship for decades should now tolerate democracy. “No one criticises dictators; however, whenever democracy comes in the country, it has to face criticism,” he added.

Gilani pointed out that the present democratic government had successfully resolved the NFC, 18th amendment and Gilgit-Baltistan issues. Also, Kala Dhaka had been declared a settled area after 110 years, he noted, adding that running the government in such circumstances was not an easy job.

To a question regarding Nawaz Sharif’s disappointment with his government , he said that everybody had the right to express his point of view. “I respect that because this is the beauty of democracy. We believe in politics of reconciliation,” he added. To another question, Gilani said, “I have good relations with the judiciary and hy you media people want to drag me in some conflict,” and added that he loved to have good relations with all.

Many PML-N legislators have been advocating for mid-term elections on account of corruption charges against the ruling elite. “There is only one possibility for mid-term election that I recommend dissolution of parliament ,” Gilani said and posed, “How could an elected PM want to dissolve the government of his own party?”

“I will protect the parliament and those conspiring against it will have to bite the dust,” he vowed.

To a question about the interference of the Army in power politics, he said, ‘Pakistan Army is my own Army and it will not interfere in government’s affairs.’


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