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Musharraf is accused as murderer of Bhutto

I would like to relate an event of 2007 when Benazir Bhutto, one of the most famous leaders of Pakistan was assasinated. Her case remained mysterious for much time. Now it is the time when Musharraf is accused in assasination of Benazir.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigations Agency has submitted a charge sheet to a specially convened anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi alleging the former president and two senior police conspired in Ms Bhutto’s murder.

Musharraf is accused for removing security details just before the murder of Benazir and destroying evidence just after the attack.

Along with Mr Musharraf, the charge sheet also names the former Rawalpindi police chief, Saud Aziz, and police superintendent Khurram Shahzad.

Please tell us what do you think about this case. Do you think Musharraf killed Benazir?

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