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Musharraf hints at supporting Imran

LAHORE – All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) founder Pervez Musharraf,
terming ISI a lifeline for the security of the country, has said any
attempt to weaken the ISI and Pakistan Army will destabilise Pakistan.

He was addressing the LUMS students through a video conference on Sunday.

at the possibilities of newly-born APML’s support for Imran Khan’s PTI,
he said that APML could stand by PTI if Imran Khan would take up the
challenge of doing away with the crises facing the country and
strengthening Pakistan.

Alleging PML-N and
PPP for creating serious crises in the country, he said the masses
should get rid of PML-N and PPP in the best interest of the country and
vote out both the political parties from power in the next elections.

blunders of his regime, he said that banning media and striking the
infamous NRO were the biggest mistakes of his government. Musharraf
claimed the premier Shaukat Aziz had forwarded the reference against
Chief Justice of Pakistan during his tenure and he acted on the
reference in accordance with the Constitution. He said the decision of
November 3 was a joint decision of the prime minister, military and the
ruling party at that time.

president said that Afghanistan might face a 1989-90-like situation if a
stable political government had not been established in Kabul before
the exit of Nato forces. He said the US administration had realised the
fact that stability in Afghanistan couldn’t be ensured without
Pakistan’s assistance, however the incumbent Pakistan government failed
to take a clear stance on Haqqani network.

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