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Miracles in 1965 Indo-Pak War

Famous writer Mumtaz Mufti(1905-1995) mentioned spiritual aspects
of 1965 war in his four books. Here extracts from all Four Books are
presented to highlight the importance of these spiritual events.

English Translation From his Books ( Summary of main events ) :

(From Book:Alakh Nagri)

1. A Saint of Lahore who never spoke before 1965 war and people called
him ‘Chup Shah’. Suddenly started roaming and shouting in the streets,
‘O people, See what miracles God will show, Fear not, victory will be

2. People coming from Sialkot told, ‘We had seen hundreds of white horse
riders whom were wearing white dresses. They had swords in their hands,
and they were saying that they are going to battlefield’ ’

3. Jang Newspaper received a letter from Madina Munawara, It was written
that the day when Lahore was attacked, same night two people from
Madina Munawara saw this dream that Holy Prophet (PBUH) is going on a
horse. Humbly asked: Holy Prophet (PBUH), where are you going so
quickly? Holy Prophet (PBUH) replied, ’Going on Jihad in Pakistan’

4. Famous Hakeem Nayyar Wasti was in Madina Munawara during 1965 war.
After coming back to Pakistan, he announced in public that A Lady who
lived in Madina from last 18 years and she daily sat near the Holy grill
of Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH). She told on 6 September that she saw Holy
Prophet (PBUH) worriedly and quickly coming out. His Holy Hair was
untied and concerned. She never saw Holy Prophet (PBUH) in such
anxiousness and hurry before.

5. Nayyar Wasti Sahib said, A Saint who used to meet him in
Roza-e-Rasool (PBUH) every day, disappeared on 6 September. One of his
pupil told that He has gone to Pakistan for Jihad.

6. Another Saint told Nayyar Wasti that all the Shuhada (martyrs) were gone to Pakistan by riding the horses in the companionship of Shuhada-e-Badr.

7. Brother of Waqar-un-Nisa College’s Principal was working in PAF
Peshawar during 1965 war. He told: A bomb was fallen in a Tank of Petrol
but surprisingly it didn’t blast.

8. Indian Army, who was attacking on Sialkot city, stopped by looking
vacant battlefield. They thought it was a game by Pakistan Army to
encircle them.

9. Barq Sahib told in his statement that many bombs were descended on
Sargodha but only two got blast away from the target even though all
aircrafts were openly positioned on Sargodha Airport.

10. Qazi Sahib told Mumtaz Mufti during war that Saints are protecting
Pakistan in the battlefield otherwise how it can be possible that 21
bombs have been descended in Rawalpindi but only 5 got exploded. On
battlefield our 5 hundred soldiers look 5 thousand or 5 Lac to Indians.
What can we say but victory will be ours.

11. Indian Soldiers’ statements were also very surprising.
They said: ‘Army with swords gave us enormous losses. Light emanates from their swords’

Prisoners’ of Sialkot asked, ‘Who were those white dress soldiers in Pakistan Army ‘

A prisoner of Khemkaran told, ‘Horse riders in red dresses completely confused the Indian Army’

An Indian Pilot prisoner told, ‘In Multan, three Old Men were catching Indian bombs and throwing them away’

12. Indian Pilots’ Statements:
Indian XEN’s pilot son, who was caught during war due to bail out, told: ‘I don’t know what happened, I heard voices coming from all four sides that Bail out Bail out, even no Pakistani aircraft was tracing me. I got so much confused that I bailed out’

Indian General Kariepa’s son who was a pilot, got caught and told in his
statement that I came to destroy River Ravi’s bridge but when I reached
to River Ravi, there were six bridges instead of one.

Another imprisoned Pilot told: ‘We came to attack Dwarka, weather was
clear, situation was perfect but when we reached Dwarka, a heavy cloud
suddenly jumped from nowhere and covered Dwarka’

13. Many Pakistani journalists and writers who visited the different
battlefields, told: ‘Wherever Indians surrendered, they did it due to
misunderstanding because Pak Army was very small in numbers but Indians
felt, Pak Army seemed to look more in numbers’

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